Should I go to business school abroad as an international student?

Should I go to business school abroad as an international student?

Business school is a great way to learn more about business. And also gain more or new business skills. However, it can be difficult to decide if going to a business school is right for you. If you’re an international student, there are a few things you need to consider before making your decision. In this article, we would discuss the pros and cons of going to a business school as an international student.

Advantages of Going to Business School Abroad

Even though there may be many high learning curves to studying business abroad, going to business school abroad can be a worthy investment. There are lots of young people who keep seeking admission to business schools abroad. We will take a look at some of the advantages of going to business school abroad. Some of the advantages are;

  • Going to a business school abroad can be affordable contrary to popular opinion. You can look out for state business schools and you’d be marveled at the cost of some of them abroad. There are several business schools abroad that are inexpensive. Most public higher institutions, especially colleges, make schools affordable for students even if they are international students. You will most likely pay more as an international student than students from the country you want to study in but you will still not have to pay as much.

  • You will be open to more opportunities as an international student studying business abroad. There are so many options for you to choose from compared to if you are studying in your own country which also depends on where you are coming from. If you are coming from a developing country, you will find more opportunities you never thought possible in more developed countries. Business graduates who return to their home country after their degree come back to take up top roles in leading business organizations in their country. They bring back valuable knowledge that can drive growth in the business sector.

  • You get the opportunity of building a global network in the global business sector. There are equally students from other countries who are seeking opportunities to study abroad who you will meet there. You also meet people who are professionals in the field with whom you can network to build global relevance. From constant interaction with other people, you can learn a different approach to life in general and live a better quality of life. Also, you never can tell who will be of help to you career-wise. You may not need them now but perhaps in the future. The most important thing is that you have built a connection with them and this can only be made possible by being in their space. 

  • You will be able to familiarize yourself with the international laws and regulations in business. There are different laws to how business is conducted in different countries. You will be open to different systems of business administration that can help you understand international business. Courses in international business management also help you understand how business is being conducted across countries and cultures. 

  • Going to business school abroad will help you develop a better perspective of issues in the business sector which will help you stand out from others. Not everybody will have the golden opportunity of going to business school abroad. By experiencing a different system, you have a unique and authentic understanding of how different systems work. This is a viable knowledge that’s needed in the world today. You simply become indispensable no matter which part of the world you find yourself in.

  • You stand a chance of building a globally relevant network. You will meet the best business professionals from schooling abroad. There will also be a chance to build meaningful relationships with your classmates who will graduate to become professionals in various business fields. 

Challenges International Students Face in Business Schools Abroad

Going to business school abroad as an international student does not come without its challenges. Since you are studying in another man’s country, there will be harsh realities that you have to face. I have some friends who talk about the difficulty they face in getting things done.

From their daily struggle to fit in academically and socially to many other things, they sure need some grit to complete a business degree abroad. Here are some challenges that international students face studying abroad;

  • The first and most common challenge is the language barrier. You will come across this if you are studying in a country whose language is different from yours. This can also be an issue even if you speak the same language. For instance, the way English is written and spoken in America may be different from yours. A Chinese student studying in the United States mentioned that she felt the barrier was more significant in speaking and listening than reading and writing as native speakers tend to speak less clearly than international students.

  • Cultural difference is another challenge that international students face when studying abroad. This is mostly why people from the same country tend to form a sort of group in and outside the classroom. You will often find people from the same country hanging out with each other due to this unavoidable challenge.

  • The system of education may be different from yours. The way lectures or classes are being delivered may be different from what you are used to. Credits accumulation systems may also differ so you should find out and understand how the education system in the country abroad works so you can adjust appropriately.

  • You may be faced with lots of paperwork as an international student studying abroad. International students always have to do so much paperwork due to the process they have to go through with the embassy and the international center on campus. Someone who left Nigeria to study for their master’s in the United Kingdom mentioned how they had to spend the first few weeks sorting out paperwork before they got well settled to start receiving lectures.

The Cost of Going to Business School Abroad

It can be quite affordable to go to a business school abroad especially if it is a private business school in one of the developed countries. Most international students spend between $15,000 and up to $65,000 per year to go to business schools school abroad. However, some business schools cost lesser than this depending on the country or continent.

When I wanted to go to a business school in Germany after my first degree, I made inquiries from a private business school online. I found that the tuition is about 15,000 Euros. They offered me a 20% scholarship if I was ready to begin the application process. If the 20% scholarship were applied, I’d only have to pay 13,200 Euros for each year. 

The cost of going to business school abroad will also include your living costs since you will also live there. You will be required to show proof of funds to study and live in the country so this should be part of your cost of going to business school abroad.

However, the school consultant told me that I did not have to show or submit proof of funds if I have a relative or someone who can vouch for me or take care of my living expenses in the country. 

The cost of going to business school abroad depends on the type of business school you are going to. You will pay lesser if you are going to a state-owned business school or a college as an international student since the fees have been subsidized by the government. 

Some business schools are world-best and should be sought after by international students. Medical schools in the United States top the list of the world-best medical schools. If you are looking to study in one of the top medical schools abroad, here is a list of some of them;

  • Columbia Business School: this business school is at the Columbia university ranks as one of the best business schools in the world. About 80% of its alumni ends up employed in one of the world-leading firms or business organizations. Students pay an annual fee of $77,376 excluding living expenses. 
  • Stanford University Business School: this is another top rated business in the world as it is known for producing world-class professional all over the world. It is located in California, United States. The tuition is $74,706 per year excluding living and other expenses. 
  • University of Pennsylvania Business School: it is the first business school in the United States and has grown through its large network of Alumni. It has campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco. There are notable graduates of the school such as John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple Inc. and Jeff Weiner of CEO of LinkedIn. Students pay $76,000 per year at the school.
  • University of Chicago Business School: another top-rated business school in the world is the University of Chicago Business School. The tuition fee per annum is $74,919 excluding living expenses. The school possesses most widely accepted indicators of excellence and has remained consistent in its excellent dealings.


Going to business school abroad does come with its challenges. However, it can be rewarding to scale through and get a business degree abroad regardless of the difficulties or challenges that come with it. It is not an impossible feat to get a medical degree so if you desire it, you can take a bold step towards attaining it.