How Nigerian students survive in the UK

The UK is a popular nation in the world has lots of prestigious higher institutions where both domestic and international students who wish to acquire more knowledge in their areas of study went to. In Nigeria today, thousands of students apply for admission in most of the prestigious schools in the UK.

Although a good number of them apply through scholarships; probably the scholarship will cover their tuition fee and other fees. Over time we have received lots of search queries where Nigerian students ask “how can Nigerian students survive in the UK?”

Moreover, there are lots of secrets that you need to know if you want to survive comfortably as a Nigerian student in the UK. As a Nigerian student aspiring to study in the UK, you should be aware that life over there is quite expensive and also stressful.

In this guide, we’ll elucidate everything you should know as a Nigerian student to survive in the UK. Continue reading to find out this secret.

How to survive as a Nigerian student in the UK

From the in-depth research that we carried out, we were able to coin these amazing secrets that Nigerian students can utilize to survive in the UK. Depending on your demand and what you can be able to achieve, you can select from the list below the most favorable to you.

  1. Apply for scholarship
  2. Obtain students loan
  3. Apply for a job while studying
  4. Search for low tuition schools
  5. Look for schools that offer scholarships to their international students

#1. Apply For a Scholarship

Every year numerous scholarships are available for Nigerian students who wish to study in the UK. As someone willing to study in the UK but don’t know how he/she is going to survive, search for these scholarships to know the ones you’re eligible for.

If you need something in your life, you have to prove to people that you have an interest in that thing. We recommend that you regularly search for scholarships available for Nigerian citizens who wish to further their higher education in the UK.

Moreover, there are several websites where you can get the latest scholarship programs, what students need to have to be eligible, when the scholarship program registration is starting and when it is ending. You have to be intentional in your hunt for scholarships.

If you qualify for any scholarship to study in the UK, just have in mind that the chances of your survival in the UK as a Nigerian student are far above 70%.

Scholarships won’t just pay your tuition fees alone, but they will go the extra mile of taking care of your accommodation and even some of your expenses. Although scholarships differ from each other.

If you’re opportune to find any scholarship program that you’re eligible for, do everything possible to prepare for their exams. You should as well prepare your documents ready so that any time you’re called upon for validation of your documents, you can be able to scale through.

#2. Obtain Students Loan

If your sponsors (probably your parents, relation, etc.) are not willing to sponsor your studies abroad, you can maximize this opportunity by obtaining a student’s loan which you will agree to pay when you’re done with your studies in the UK.

The same way that insurance policy covers everyone that is insured, just the same way the company that is willing to give students loans will allow you to pay them when you graduate from your desired school.

The companies and organizations responsible for giving students loans are ready to give you thousands of dollars which will sustain you till when you’re done with your studies in the UK.

As a Nigerian student who intends to study in the UK, obtaining a student’s loan is not much hard but you have to follow all the required protocols and documentaries that the organization willing to give you the student loan demands.

Depending on the company you associate with, some may demand collateral while others may just need your documents which can prove that you’re willing to repay them at due time. Obtaining a student loan is one of the ways that several Nigerian students utilized for them to be able to survive in the UK while achieving their dreams in life. We recommend this to our readers too.

#3. Apply For a Job While Studying

As the UK institutions are far different from the institutions in Nigeria, students (whether regular or part-time) are permitted to have some periods that are free from lectures. Moreover, as a Nigerian student who is intentionally studying in the UK, you can save up your visa fee, tuition fee, accommodation fees, etc.

Then when you arrive in the UK, without wasting any single moment, you can apply for a job that you can use to survive for the rest of your stay in the UK.

Meanwhile, the UK currency is quite heavy when compared to the Nigerian naira and there are lots of high-paying jobs in the UK.

Regardless of your level of education, you’ll still be able to find high-paying jobs that will still give you free time to attend your studies when you want to. Even during your lecture periods, you can apply for jobs where you can be paid per hour.

By so doing, you can maximize every single minute of your life and generate money for yourself while you are still a student in the UK. Not forgetting that the UK is a developed country, you can comfortably work from your home while you’re still a student and earn can that can sustain your stay over there.

#4. Search for Low Tuition Schools

Unlike Nigerian universities, many institutions in the UK have high tuition fees (although some vary based on the student’s course of study). To save up money, you should apply to study in UK institutions with lower tuition fees, as this will surely help you to live a healthy life in the UK.

Do you know that some UK institutions with high tuition fees cost students a lot while trying to process their admission and their stay in the school?

For instance, if you can be able to search for low tuition schools in the UK, you can use the remaining saved up money to take care of yourself during your stay in the UK as a student.

This gas has been a serious factor that continually affects students from time to time. Some may declare that they want to study at the University of Oxford; not considering their tuition fee.

Even if you’re on a scholarship to study in the UK, when you choose low tuition schools, you can be able to use the quota that your scholarship company has mapped out to cater to your living in the UK.

Moreover, as a Nigerian student in the UK, have in mind that there are lots of taxes you must pay even though you’re not a citizen of that country.

When seeking admission in the UK, take your time and research for the best schools with low tuition fees. In this digital age, you can use the internet to find out everything you need concerning the institution you wish to study in the UK.

#5. Look for schools that offer scholarships to their international students

Because of the stability in the economy of the UK, most of their institutions usually offer scholarships to international students. For instance – comparing Euro with Naira. There is no comparison between them both.

The difference is very clear. The government of the UK usually map out thousands of scholarship slots for their international student.

As a smart Nigerian student, you can utilize that great opportunity that can help you to survive while studying in the UK. If you are someone that wishes to study in the UK but you don’t know how you’re going to survive because of finances, we recommend that you take out time and hunt (search online) for institutions (most especially government-based) that issue scholarships to their international students.

A good number of Nigerian students have been able to further their higher education in the UK through this means. Why can’t it work for you? Common you can try it out. Moreover, certain criteria will qualify you for the international student’s scholarship.

Depending on the school you want to take their international scholarship test/exam, you can search the web to see their previous related questions and the answers as well.

Do you mean that a Nigerian student can survive in the UK?

Yes of course! With the points we elucidated above, you can study in the UK even when you don’t have enough money that will scale you through. So why are you waiting if you intend to further your studies in the UK? Make hay while the sun shines.

Now that a lot of organizations are promoting scholarships, why not try one out? We look forward to seeing you studying in the UK, even at no cost.

Reasons why you should study in the UK as a Nigerian

There are several reasons why the majority of Nigerians prefer to study in the UK. Thousands of Nigerian students thought of furthering their higher education in the UK but a lot of barriers prevent them from accomplishing their vision. For instance – the tuition fee for most of the intuitions in the UK is quite high and a lot of people cannot afford it.

Below are the reasons why you should study in the UK as a Nigerian.

  1. UK institutions maintain a high standard in their teaching, research, learning, etc.
  2. Some of the UK institutions provide financial help to their international students, through tuition fees discounts, scholarships, etc.
  3. The UK has lots of prestigious universities that are highly recommended in the world.
  4. International students studying in the UK are permitted to work for some hours during the week even though they are students.
  5. The duration of undergraduate and postgraduate courses is quite shorter compared to the universities in Nigeria.

Are there challenges that a student who wishes to study in the UK will face?

Yes! While you study in the UK as a Nigerian student, there are several challenges you’re going to face. This is not because you changed the environment but because there are several cultures, languages, religions, and other barriers that will alter the ones we do here in Nigeria.

Below are some challenges that Nigerian students who wish to study in the UK should prepare /her mind to face:

#1. The Cost Of Living Is Quite Expensive

Unlike Nigeria where most citizens don’t pay tax unless they are forced when purchasing some commodity, in the UK whether you’re an international student or not, you must pay tax for everything you’re using. There is no way you can compare the cost of living in the UK with the cost here in Nigeria.

Even our manufacturers produce goods that are equivalent to our currency. Moreover, this is just a recap. So don’t panic and don’t let it reduce your zeal to further your studies in the UK.

#2. The Weather Is Quite Cold

We usually complain of harmattan season in Nigeria. But in the UK, by default, their weather is always cold. While planning on moving to the UK for your studies, just find a way to embrace cold weather because you’re going to experience it almost all the time.

From a review gotten from most Nigerians that have lived in the UK, only the climate barrier can stop you from achieving your dreams in the UK. So always think of working, studying, and recreating under cold weather.

#3. Accommodation issues

Do you know that looking for a house in the UK is almost like winning a lottery here in Nigeria? As a student, unless you intend to live in the school hostel, apart from that, searching for a house is an issue on its own.

Moreover, when you manage to get a house in the UK, the landlord will serve you the house terms and conditions of which if you didn’t meet up, it won’t still be allocated to you. Don’t only plan on studying in the UK. Also, consider some disadvantages and how you’ll tackle them.