How Much Does It Costs To Study Abroad In London?

London is one of the most popular studies abroad destinations. How much does it cost to study in London? We can help! In this article, we’ll break down the cost of studying in London.

London is referred to as the educational capital of the world. London prides itself on many top-quality and globally recognized universities in the world. Universities in London also offer students a huge amount of top degrees too, ranging from Medicine, Law, Architecture, Nursing, Business, Pharmacy, and a whole lot more.

Their global reputation spans innovative study modules, research, modern establishments, and many amazing prospects also.

If anyone would decide to study in London, they’ll get the chance to totally live an amazing and great life different from their academic lives, so academic goals are not only archived but personal life-fulfilling goals are also archived.

What Are The Schools You Can Enroll In London?

Brunel University London :

It is located in the Uxbridge area of London.

The fee per annum is £14,400 –  £17,500.

Almost all courses are 4 years with a year’s placement before graduation. For international students, Brunnel university runs a 3-day orientation course that is recommended by 95 percent of past participants.

Student services also organize regular events, trips, and workshops for students, and a personal tutor; provides support personally for students.

The University of East London :

It is located in the London Borough of Newham, London

The fee per annum is on average £11,880.

The University of East London is ranked 2nd in the UK for the amount of quality teaching they offer. They offer major courses like Cultural and Media studies, Education, Psychology, Civil Engineering, and Sport Science. The university is known for its good strength in the area of sports and has Olympic and paralympic projects.

King’s College London :

The fee per annum is on average £17,050 – £34, 650.

King’s College has a distinguished reputation in law, sciences, social sciences, international affairs, and humanities. The university also played a huge role in many research that has shaped modern life, research as the structure of DNA, and research that led to the development of radio, television, radar, and mobile phones.

Kingston University:

It is located within the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thrames, in South West London.

The fee per annum is on average £13,900 – £24,000.

Kingston University offers a very broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered Kingston university. They have amazing infrastructures and amazing interactive learning facilities such as the flight simulator, an in-built hospital, a Bloomberg trading room, and a music recording studio.

London South Bank University :

It is located in Elephant and Castle, London.

The fee per annum is on average £13,125 – £14,800.

London South Bank University is one of the largest universities in London, with over 15,000 students. The university is a top 10 London university for graduate starting salaries.

London South Bank University offers a broad range of scholarships and discounts for international students, including fee discounts for alumni, a 5% discount for early payment of tuition fees, and nationality scholarships. The famous courses they offer include Engineering, Accounting, and Science.

Roehampton University :

It is located on three major sites in Roehampton, in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

The fee per annum is on average £13,125.

The University of Roehampton is divided into four teaching training colleges, every student joins one of the four when they join the University. Even though because of its history, teaching remains a key strength of the University. But it is regarded in the areas of Biological Anthropology, Dance, English Literature programs, and Drama.

The University of Greenwich :

It is loacated in London and Kent.

The fee per annum is on average £13,000 – £14,500.

The University of Greenwich is a modern learning public university and offers varieties of courses across its four faculties, the Faculty of Education and Health, Faculty of Engineering and Science, Business School, and Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The university scores very highly for student satisfaction. Business Administration, Computer security and Forensics, Computing with games development, Financial Mathematics, Public Health, Midwifery are some courses offered at the university.

Birbeck College :

It is located in Bloomsbury London.

The fee per annum is on average £14, 280 – £18,780.

Birbeck College is a globally recognized University of London, the university boasts 74 Nobel Laureates, 52 Presidents and Prime Ministers, and numerous international luminaries. The University offers a unique teaching environment that enables you to work alongside professionals and pursue internships.

This also helps you finance your studies and also explore job opportunities. The University offers courses in the area of Law, Arts and Humanity, Psychology, Business, Economics, and lots more.

The University of Westminster :

It is located in Regent Street in central London, with other campuses in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Harrow.

The fee per annum is on average £21,321 – £43,272.

The University of Westminster offers a wide range of programs ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Subjects maintain a standard strong vocational focus, with longer modules, and also include work-based skills and integration with practical activity. Courses they offer include Architecture, Film and Media, Art, Business

St. George’s, University of London :

It is located in Tooting in South London.

The tuition cost is £32, 663 per annum for medical sciences, while it’s £11,600 – £32, 663 for other fields.

St. George is the only university in the UK dedicated to medicine, science, and health. It is based on the same site as a busy London hospital, so students are fully involved and are in a clinical environment from the beginning.

Students work alongside other students and professionals on the path of clinical careers, building multi-disciplinary understanding.

Requirements For Entry

To be considered for admission into any of the listed London Universities, you’ll have to have any of this requirements.

i) The General Entrance Requirements

ii) Any specific course requirements (e.g Mathematics)

iii) Personal Statement

iv) High School Transcript

v) A copy of your passport

vi) Entrance Examination

NB: Requirements may differ from university to university, so check on the university you wish to apply to and see their requirements.

Application Process and Fee

If you want to study in London, whether it be a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or a Ph.D degree, you’ll need to follow some processes.

i) Apply to your school of choice

ii) Make sure you meet the university’s requirement status

iii) Submit your application

Visa Requirements and Fees

i) You must be able speak, write and read in English

ii) Have enough money to support yourself and handle all expenses for the duration of your stay

iii) Evidence of admission from your place of study

iv) Your parents consent will be needed if your are below 18

It costs about £363 to apply for a student visa from outside the UK

And £490 to switch or extend to a student visa from inside the UK.

Studying in London is for sure one of the best decisions you’ll make