How Can I Study In Australia Without IELTS?

How can i study in Australia without IELTS?

Many students want to study in Australia but don’t have the required IELTS score. In this article, we’ll show how you can study in Australia without IELTS. We will explore how studying in Australia without IELTS is possible and in what cases.

With probably some political tensions surrounding the United States and the current Brexit that has spread over the United Kingdom and European countries, Australia has taken advantage of this situation and offered international students a very friendly environment and a destination for learning.

Australia offers students friendly opportunities such as part-time work options and post-work permits and there’s even a booming job sector for students who successfully graduate from Australian universities.

So you might be wondering if you can study in Australia without taking an IELTS exam.

The answer is YES you can, but you’ll need to provide other alternatives such as proof of English proficiency. And there are ways you can do that. So read along and follow me on this short but fun journey and let’s find out how you can do it.

Provide Proof of English Proficiency 

Proof of English Proficiency is just a confirmation that you have or possess enough English language skills to thrivingly attend an English-speaking school or English-taught program and have authentication beyond just saying you can speak English.

There are ways you can provide proof of English Proficiency. Some of these ways are;

  • English language certificate – This proof of proficiency is required by most universities, it is often a standarized it is gotten from an acceptable institutional body, e.g IELTS, TOEFL
  • Proof of Participation  – This is gotten at a language course(most especially where the mode or medium of study is English language) that you attended and completed, by providing probably a transcript of results.
  • Proof of Having Completed University Studies in English Language – Most Universities will be able to provide you a letter of Confirmation.

            The contents of these letters would show your date of enrollment, your program of study, and the medium of language of learning.  

  • Proof of Participation in Some Number of Language Classes – You can provide a proof of English proficiency through your English results in high school.

Let’s take, for example, if you’ve taken the English Language in your Cambridge A levels, GCSE, or IGCSE, you may be exempted from English Language requirements as it can stand in as proof of proficiency in English.

To be convincing enough you’ll need to have attained high scores.

Probably you might be wondering how high do your scores need to be? Well, nothing less than a B for starters.

Some universities might require you to show up for an online interview to evaluate your English proficiency.

Choose The Right University

Australia has state-of-the-art infrastructures with twenty-first-century facilities, this is proof of the high standard of education that is maintained by the Australian government.

Australia is the third preferred study abroad destination for international students.

So choosing the university that won’t require you to take an IELTS test would require you to conduct thorough research and see what university would be the best option for you. 

Also, check up on the university’s requirements that’ll make you eligible for admission.

Some universities in Australia like the University of South Australia might consider you for admission if you finished at least a year of tertiary education in Australia or any of the countries specified by the university.

Also, some universities can ask students to join a language preparatory course which will help to improve their English skills of the student. Students will be required to sit for a test after each semester to evaluate the improvement in the language preparatory course.

Australian universities have a dedicated department for English Language courses for foreign students. You can study in Australia without presenting IELTS, you can undertake these courses.

Moreso some universities allow foreign students to chase a course if they can provide evidence of work experience with any organization where the main or primary medium of communication is English. Although the minimum work experience that would be required for this is five years.

Additionally, some universities offer a unique or distinctive pathway program for foreign students. These help students gain admission into the Australian university to study a major study program without having to worry about presenting an IELTS test.

Choose The Right Program 

Australian universities offer foreign students the opportunity to pursue their studies in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs.

These programs cut across many fields such as Architecture, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business, Education, Engineering, Environment, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Sciences amongst many others.

Seven Australian universities are among the top 100 best universities in the world, which gives us an idea of the quality of education in Australia.

So if you are thinking about pursuing higher education whether academic or vocational, be rest assured that you will get a world-class education that would make you prepared for the ever-demanding international market.

Syllabus and university requirements differ from university to university. Look up the university that specializes in the field you want to study and check out their requirements, but be rest assured that you get a distinct experience.

In addition to the brilliant quality of education, Australian universities offer, their scheme of programs is top-notch. You will always find your interest of study in Australia.

Australian universities are committed to research and innovation and have modern laboratories and classrooms to enhance conducive learning.

An Australian degree with giving you an advantage in the global market, and employers now seek to employ well-educated and experienced employees. So you are definitely on the right track when you are considering studying in Australia.

Most countries study destinations around the world’s reputations are traced down to their high cost, Australia isn’t so its tuition and living expenses to an extent are cheaper than various dream destinations around the world.

Some Universities You Can Study In Australia Without Presenting IELTS 

Below is a list of different universities in Australia that don’t require you to present an IELTS test.

  • University of Adelaide
  • University of New South Wales
  • Bond University
  • University of South Australia
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of Queensland
  • Victoria University
  • Australian National University
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Southern Island