Does Harvard Accept WAEC?

Harvard being one of the prestigious universities in the world accepts students from different nations, but there arose some questions concerning the O-level degree that one needs to have before applying for admission into Harvard University.

WAEC is an O-level degree which stands for West African Examination Council is recognized not just in Africa but also in other foreign nations.

So concerning the query – does Harvard accept WAEC? The answer is simply yes.

Moreover, certain criteria determine if your WAEC result will be accepted in your course of study at Harvard University. As Harvard is quite a competitive school, you need to meet up to some standards before considering applying for admission to this prestigious university. You have to make sure that you have excellent grades in your WAEC result as an applicant.

If you’re from any of the West African nations, you can comfortably study at Harvard University with your WAEC result.

This guide explained the full requirements you need to have before you can be able to study at Harvard University with your WAEC result, how to apply for admission into Harvard University.

What the school is likely going to demand from you as a Nigerian, etc. Continue reading below to find out other sections that were included in this content.

What you should know before applying for admission to Harvard University as a Nigerian

Do you know that as a Nigerian citizen, you don’t need to stay in the United States for some time before you can be eligible to apply for admission into Harvard University?

Applying for admission as a Nigerian is free, likewise other countries also. There is no special payment you need to make before you can apply for admission.

As an international student, there are several ways you can gain admission into Harvard University; for instance, there are several scholarships in Nigeria which is being sponsored by well-established companies.

Even if you wanted to study at Harvard University but don’t have sponsors, you can maximize any available scholarship around.

Moreover, whether you’re the one that is sponsoring yourself or you’re under a scholarship, there are certain things you should know before applying for admission into Harvard University.

For instance – there has been a question “Do Harvard accept WAEC?” We’ll give you detailed info on how to apply for admission into Harvard University and the requirements you need.

How Nigerian citizens can apply for admission to study at Harvard University

Over the years Harvard University has consistently maintained its ranking among universities ranking globally. Being known as one of the prestigious schools in the world, you should be aware that getting admission to Harvard University will be a bit difficult as they have thousands of students (both domestic and international) that are seeking admission at the same time you’re applying.

From historical research, Harvard University has produced a lot of award-winning students in different course categories.

From research gotten from the Harvard University admission sector, only 5% of all the students that apply for admission were admitted. This is to show you that applying for admission into Harvard is almost like winning a lottery. Moreover, there are secrets to this which we are going to share with you in subsequent sections.

What Harvard University expects from you as a Nigerian student

As a Nigerian student who is applying for admission into Harvard University, there are specific requirements that Harvard expects from you. Below are the core requirements you should take note of while applying for admission into Harvard University:

#1. A good academic excellence

As Harvard is one of the prestigious schools in the world, they don’t accept anyhow students to their school. Meanwhile, you have to meet up to certain academic excellence before you should consider your admission being successful. So having a good and sound academic excellence means that you should maintain a good track record.

You have to be intentional that you’re going to further your higher education in one of the prestigious schools in the world. By so doing, you must have straight A’s in your WAEC result. Also if you were not opportune to have all A’s in your WAEC, you can have at least 2 B’s.

This is to ensure that your High school GPA is above the minimum GPA required for international students who apply for admission into Harvard University.

From research, we found out that a lot of students who successfully gained admission to study at Harvard University are mostly in the top 10 in their schools. So be intentional of what you’re doing while you’re still in your secondary – this is to ensure that you have a good GPA that can gain you admission easily into Harvard University.

Moreover, there is an alternative to those that have WAEC result that is lower than the recommended standard. Several other criteria will determine your success while applying to study at Harvard. So even if your GPA or WAEC result is not too excellent, don’t be discouraged as other requirements will guarantee your admission success.

#2. Strive to be part of curriculum activities

As a popular university that Harvard is, their goal is not just to produce great students but to produce people that are going to be the leader of tomorrow in different aspects of their life.

For instance – in the political world, in the research and education sector, in the movie industry, in the entertainment sector, etc. Harvard considers the number of groups you belonged to, how active you’re in them.

Also, the role you play in these groups that you find yourself. Remember that Harvard likes producing the leaders of tomorrow. So they expect you to be a leader in some of the groups you find yourself in before coming to study in their school.

As this is one of the criteria for getting admission into Harvard, we recommend that you locate some groups you can perform well and learn some leadership skills.

The most common group you can join is clubs, where there are lots of chances to build your leadership skill.

While you’re in any of your favorite clubs, try to be a writer, instrument player, sports coordinator, researcher, photography, art, etc. To keep your track record documented, always post your activities in your club to your social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook. You can as well create a free YouTube channel just for yourself.

#3. Obtain high grades in SAT exams

While applying for admission into Harvard University, you should know that Harvard is situated in an English-speaking country. So if your country’s official language is not English, your chances of getting admission into Harvard will be very hard.

However, if you’re from Nigerian, you don’t have any language barrier as our official language is English. But you need to have good grades in your WAEC result or GPA at high school.

Also if you have good grades in SAT as well as TOEFL, your chances of getting admission will be very high. Although good grades in your WAEC and SAT won’t automatically grant you admission into Harvard it is one of the requirements that have scaled a lot of people through when they apply for admission into Harvard.

#4. Having good leadership heart

Over the years, we have found from research that Harvard University values leadership and it is one thing they consider when they are screening students for admission. Harvard University focused on producing great leaders of tomorrow in almost all aspects of human life.

Applying as a leader will make them consider you as someone qualified to study in their school.

We recommend that any interesting student who wishes to study at Harvard University should try to get at least one leadership skill as this will alter the rate of your admission screening and acceptance when you apply for admission. Below are some leadership skills that can improve your chances of getting admission into Harvard University:

  • Accept leadership roles in your school, society, church, club, etc. also do everything possible to obtain certain badges while leading in your jurisdiction.
  • Have some leadership roles recorded in your profile. Also, make sure that you have quality rewards and comments in your acquired rewards and badges.
  • You can obtain good leadership certificates and badges by studying in one of the leadership acquiring schools here in Nigeria.

#5. Obtain teacher assessment review

In a report gotten from the Harvard University admission screening sector, students are required to obtain an assessment review from their teacher.

This will help them to know the student’s abilities in the classroom. Also to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses. With this, the admission staff will determine if the student is fit for the particular course he/she applied for.

While obtaining this review assessment, we recommend that you locate a teacher that can write a good report about you, because this can deny your admission into Harvard University if your teacher reported unworthy reports about you. You can direct the teacher on what to write for you.

Your assessment review should be straightforward in recommending you as a good student that deserves your course of study.

Getting admission into Harvard University is not difficult if you follow the guide we elucidated here. Also, you should prepare all your documents, your visa, and other required data.

How you can apply for admission into Harvard University as a Nigerian citizen

In this section, we detailed all you need when applying for admission into Harvard University.

Moreover, some rules govern Harvard University admission application tips which you need to go through before applying for admission into Harvard University.

Meanwhile, if you are applying for admission into Harvard University as a first-year student in Nigeria, you can start by accessing their online registration page.

Below are the steps you should follow when applying for admission into Harvard online:

  • Access the application page and input your details in the Common application form. You can as well utilize the Coalition Application. Both of them serve the same purpose; just choose your preferred choice.
  • Ensure that all your details are very correct to avoid rejecting your application while the staff has not gone through it.

Below we explained how to fill this form and what each section of it required you as a Nigerian student to have:

#1. Profile section

In this section, you’re required to give a piece of detailed information concerning yourself. This profile section should contain your contact information, fee waiver request, demographics, etc.

Ensure that all the information you provided in this section is very correct as it may affect your admission status if you mistakenly submit the wrong information.

#2. Application waiver fee

This is the fee that serves as coverage for some portion of the administrative cost that is required when processing your admission request into Harvard University.

But, there is a piece of good news for you – when the administrative fee that is in your application form is quite much to the point that your family or the people sponsoring you cannot afford, it will be waived for you.

Although, as a participant applying using the available waiver fee, you will be given some option to choose fee waiver.

#3. Family

When filling the family section, ensure that you include your household details, the details of your parents (as there will be provision for that), your siblings, etc.

The United States likes storing people’s data. So your demographic information will be needed to be able to locate your place of origin when studying at Harvard University.

#4. Education

This section is provided for you to give them some genuine information about the schools you have studied before seeking to further your education.

This includes the honors you have acquired from your former schools, other rewards you have obtained that are not in the certificate.

#5. Testing

In this section, you’ll be given some guides on how to enter your self-reported scores. With these scores, you can be able to present any external test you have taken that you’ll like to let Harvard admission staff be aware of. Ensure that you input the original test scores as Harvard University may verify this info when you have been admitted.