Can I Use WAEC Result To Study in USA?

WAEC is an examination board that is organized to evaluate and grade the performance of students according to their knowledge in West Africa. Although the examination body provides different questions to countries in West Africa, the results from the examination are generally accepted across West Africa without any query.

This examination is conducted by a few English-speaking countries, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and a few other West African countries. 

You can definitely make use of your WAEC result to study in the USA, as long as your certificate is able to meet up to the school’s cut-off mark, and the particular university in which you wish to study at.

For instance, it is almost impossible to apply to Harvard University with a WAEC result, this is simply because this type of University is usually filled with applications from every part of the world, and some people who apply to this school has the backings of SATS, TOEFL, and IELTS results.

It is not totally impossible to get admitted into this institution with your WAEC result, but the chances are extremely low. But notwithstanding, one can easily discover other universities that will accept the WAEC certificate/result as a means of giving admission. 

It isn’t a bad idea to want to study overseas, I mean most people have their eyes fixed across the Atlantic, to countries like the USA and that is the more reason to want to know if your WAEC certificate can carry you that far. Well, the answer to that question is YES. 

Since we have established the fact that a person can make use of his/her WAEC result to study in the USA, it is also important to note that most universities that accept these results are usually not top tier.

Universities in the USA are mostly known for the quality educational value they offer students, and this is why almost everyone wants to study there. 

The number of universities that accept WAEC results in the US is endless, although most of them are public universities, they still offer quality education to students. A few of them includes;

The University Of Houston

The University of Houston was founded in 1927, and they provide several undergraduates, doctoral, distance, graduate, and continuing education programs for students. This prestigious university is ranked as one of the best universities in the whole of the USA, having lots of resourceful and innovative research centers.

The institution boasts of being the first school in the USA to offer Subseq Engineering Masters Program. This school gladly accepts students from every part of the world including Nigeria and other West African countries that take the WAEC examinations.

When applying, the result is expected to come directly from the board of WAEC, or by buying the WAEC scratch card and sending it to the university via email. 

Texas A&M University

This University was the first public school of higher learning that was established in Texas in the year 1876. They have branches in Qatar and Galveston, but its main campus is located in Dallas. The University is ranked as the second-best value school among public institutions. 

Texas A&M acknowledges the WAEC results, but you are expected to submit the WAEC scratch card for review before the deadline given by the school. Before you begin your application, you are expected to pay a nonrefundable fee of $90. 

University Of San Diego

This is a popularly known Roman Catholic university that was established in 1949. This school is said to be the most glamorous campus with beautiful views and architectural works. San Diego University is rated among the top 100 national research institutions in the US, and was also ranked among the top 100 colleges and universities in America. 

You can apply to this school using your WAEC results, but if you are interested in their scholarship program then you will need to submit your SAT  result 

Truman State University

In 2018, this university was ranked number 1 in America’s best colleges, and they were also ranked number 9 out of 50 most inexpensive universities in the USA. Truman State University accepts WAEC results as a means to gaining admission, and it is also important that you take an English Language ability test, in order to meet their language conditions. 

The University Of Akron

This institution prides itself as one of the most effective and influential public research universities. The school was established in 1879 and at the time it was called Buchtel College. 

If you are considering getting into this prestigious institution and you have just your WAEC certificate, then you have nothing to worry about. As long as you are financially stable and able to settle your tuition fee, all you need to do is submit your WAEC scratch card while applying. 

Are you a West African student that has just completed the secondary school education, has a WAEC result at hand, and wants to attend a university in the USA, then you have nothing to be worried about because by following the due steps and procedures that are involved, you are just one step away from achieving your lifelong dreams. 

Kansas University

This university prides itself on its ability to help students accomplish their educational goals. The school is popularly known for its wonderful academic equipment, amazing library, and its research. 

The school invites international students from any West African States to come to study any course of their choice, as long as they have available their WAEC certificate.

Miami University

This school was established in 1809, in Oxford Ohio. Lots of students will want to study in this university because it ranks number 17 among the best public universities in America as of 2018. 

According to Kiplinger, the university has been listed among the top best 50 values in public colleges. And the school prides itself on being an Original Public Ivy. Getting admission into this university is very easy as long as you have your WAEC results and every other important document that would be needed at the point of admission. 

Preparation and Sitting for the relevant exams

All you need to do to prepare and apply for the university of your choice is provided below; 

Applying to selected Schools

Preparing for Visa Interview

Get your International Passport

The first and one of the most important steps to take when thinking of bothering your education in the USA is by getting an international passport, that is if you do not have one already.

The importance of obtaining an international passport cannot be over-emphasized because you will most likely need it for every process in the application, some of which include; serving as a means of identity during the international exams you will write in the nearest future.   

This international passport can be gotten from the National Immigration Service office anywhere in West Africa, and you will need a minimum of 2 passport photographs, 2 by 2 inches each.

The cost for the application for an international passport in Nigerian currency ranges from #10,000 to #20,000 Nigerian Naira. The difference in the cost depends solely on the agents that were used, the city, country, the urgency of the matter, and other important factors. 

Begin your school search 

The perfect place to begin your school search is by communicating with a counselor, or through the internet. There are lots of factors to consider before picking a university, some of them include;

  • Location; what part of the US do you have relatives that can assist, or do you wish to school close to your family members or close friends?
  • Cost; The cost for tuition in universities in the United States of America is a big deal. The fees ranges from $16,000.00 to $64,000.00 per session. You should put into consideration how much you can afford to pay or if you will be applying for a scholarship programme. You will also have to put into consideration the schools that meets your financial capability, the cost of living should also be considered, accommodation and other important factors.
  • Course Availability; You are expected to make sure that the course you intend studying is available in the university you choose. There a whole lots of options to pick from though. 

Apply to Schools

Now that you have finally chosen a school of your choice, it is nos time to apply to all of them one after the other.  Applications can be done online in some universities, but other universities may prefer to apply through the post. Every University charges an application fee of $20.00 & $150.00 respectively.

Every school in America has its own admission processes and requirements that you need to meet before you can be given admission. Oftentimes these requirements are very similar to each other. But some basic requirements asides from your WAEC results are;

  • Bank statement within the last 1 year; this is to ascertain your financial state. 
  • High school transcript or University transcript; this is needed in the cases of transfer.
  • WAEC result
  • Recommendation letter from a respectable person in your society, and other important certificates. 

Every school has its own separate deadline for application, so you are expected to apply on time. Your WAEC scores are expected to be sent by the examination body directly to your preferred institution, and not by you, this is why it is important that you include the school you would want your scores to be sent out from during the application process.

As earlier stated, make sure to also include your WAEC scratch card while sending in your results, in cases whereby you cannot communicate directly with the examination body, the university can confirm your result directly from the WAEC’s website.

Pay the Sevis Fee and the Visa Fee

When you have been given admission, and you have received your admission letter, and the I-20 form from the University, the next stage is to be the service fee and begin preparation for your visa interview.

The Sevis (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) is a database used to monitor news about exchange visitors, and international students and scholars subject to this proposal.

This process was founded by the department of homeland security in the United States of America, and it is given by the student and the exchange visitor program.

This fee is expected to be paid by every foreign national who has decided to pursue a full course of study in the USA. After making payment for the Sevis fee, you can now go ahead to pay the visa fee. In a country like Nigeria, this money is paid directly to any Guaranty Trust Bank branch (GTB), and it costs just NGN 26,400.00 only. 

Fill out the DS-160 Form and Book for a Visa Interview

After making payment for both the services and visa fees, you are now expected to fill out the DS-160 form online. While doing this, you should generate a user ID, email address, and password.

You then move ahead to complete every page of the form and also do well to print out the confirmation page. You will need to take the authorized page to the US embassy, book a date for a visa interview online, and also print out the authorized form.

If you are a student in Nigeria, you have an option of choosing either the Embassy in Lagos or Abuja and also choosing the passport pick-up location if only you are successful in getting the visa. 


As stated above, it is very possible to study in the USA with your WAEC certificate, but at times most universities there would reject you.

But nevertheless, the quality of education in other universities that accept the WAEC result in the USA is top-notch. 

However if in a case whereby your application is successful to study in the US, you are expected to contact the said university as soon as possible so as to begin the necessary documentation on time, and not pass through the pains of suffering setbacks of being disqualified due to late application.